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W'air® Air Complete Clothing Care System


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w’air is a 3-in-1, eco-friendly, handheld device that removes stains & spills, refreshes fabrics and deep cleans delicates with ease. No more unnecessary laundry loads or costly trips to the dry cleaner. Avoid long soaks and damaging washing cycles. Now you can protect your clothes, trainers, soft furnishings... and the environment.

Its patented hydrodynamic technology creates a blast of water, air and detergent that actively collides with dirt, grime and everyday odours and uses up to 99% less water and 77% less detergent than conventional laundry.

Some things will always need to go in the washing machine, but for everything else #justwairit.

1 w’air unit
1 starter pack (normally £15)
1 backing mat
1 detachable power cord (1.5m)
Quick start instructions

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